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Waking up in Paradise

So after a very long and bumpy coach ride we arrived at our hostel in El Nido at around 2-3am. So once we were all settled in we headed straight to sleep.

When we woke up at 9-10am we realised what a paradise we were now in. Continue reading “Waking up in Paradise”

Canvey Island

So on our pretty much full day in Puerto Princesa we decided to head to Honda Bay and go to one of the islands that you can visit by boat surrounding Puerto Princesa.

Our choice was Canvey Island. Continue reading “Canvey Island”

Night out in Puerto Princesa

So once we were all ready we headed out in Puerto Princesa with the plan on getting some lovely Filipino food for dinner and then possibly heading out to a bar for some drinks.

Which is exactly we we did! Continue reading “Night out in Puerto Princesa”

Heading to the Philippines

It was an early morning wake up to head to my first bit of travelling outside Hong Kong since my arrival.

A group of us would be heading to El Nido & Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan in the Philippines for a few days. Continue reading “Heading to the Philippines”

Chinese New Year

So apart from just having a week off there are some celebrations going on this week in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The main one being the New Year Parade in Tsim Sha Tsui which I would be visiting.

Continue reading “Chinese New Year”

Live Sport at Last!

Those who know me know that I go to football every week and being a month or so since I’d be to a live sporting event.

So someone posted in the HKBU Internationals Facebook group about a live rugby match between two big sides I couldn’t turn my head up at it. Continue reading “Live Sport at Last!”

Premium Sofa Club

This week we decided to try out a new “club” which was based in Sheung Wan.

Well let’s just say it’d become our favourite party venue for the next month or two after tonight.

Continue reading “Premium Sofa Club”

LKF Rooftop Party

So it was time was another trip to LKF but this time it was a rooftop party and the LKF hotel.

It may have been one of the coldest days of the year in Hong Kong but we wouldn’t let this put us down. Continue reading “LKF Rooftop Party”

Hong Kong Skyline

So somehow tonight would be my first visit to Victoria Harbour since I arrived in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, and I totally forgot what a sight it is at nighttime even it was pretty foggy this evening. Continue reading “Hong Kong Skyline”

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