So once we rented out the motorbikes and after we drove around El Nido for a few hours, we decided to head to a beach.

Thankfully the beach we chose had pretty much no-one else on it, so it felt like our very own Filipino beach

So being me I obviously didn’t ride a bike so I just jumped on the back of Olek’s motorbike, and even not being the rider I can see the thrill motorists get from it, especially in places in El Nido where the roads are pretty much empty.

We were probably riding for at least three hours before we arrived at the beach which was absolutely beautiful.

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On the beach there was a restaurant where we ordered our lunch, mine being grilled chicken and chips which was superb, as well as many orders of beer.

The other people we met on the beach was a few American guys who were staying nearby who I ended up having a conversation about explaining the English Football relegation system as well as our political system as well.

When it got to late afternoon we decided to ride back to El Nido and our hostel just in time to take some sunset pics.