My birthday celebrations couldn’t of been more exchange student in Hong Kong if you tried.

We started at Mr Wongs and then finished the night doing Tequila in Billy Boozer.

Everyone heading Mr Wongs wasn’t specifically for my birthday originally because it was Jonas’ last day in Hong Kong before he heads back to Germany.

But Rachel and Seb said I should come along as it was my birthday the following day.

So we stocked up on unlimited food and beer here before heading back to Billy’s for some proper celebrations.

So I drank outside 7 Eleven for the first hour and then went inside at about 23:50 then 10 minutes later what do I know Rach bought be a birthday tequila shot, what a better way to start my 20s?

The night progressively got more and more drunk as you can expect so more tequila was bought.

However my favourite part of night was the card my friends bought me and all signed as well as a random woman on the MTR they got to sign it as well as write ‘Happy Birthday’ in Chinese.