So once we were all ready we headed out in Puerto Princesa with the plan on getting some lovely Filipino food for dinner and then possibly heading out to a bar for some drinks.

Which is exactly we we did!

We started by heading through this local market which was really cool filled with locals and lot’s of different types of food, especially seafood.



So once we made it through the market we made it to this big seafood restaurant which would be the start of our wonderful Filipino meals throughout the holidays.

So when we arrived we got the menus and a lot of decided to get squid as the fresh fish was weighed by KG and after mistakes I made in Portugal I wouldn’t be doing this again.

I ended up getting chilli squid as my starter and then Korean spicy squid for my main, as well as a few beers to match it.



Once we were done eating we went back to the hostel to drop a few things, and some people got changed and we headed out to a local Tiki Bar some of the other people in the hostel recommended.

So we went to this bar and first thing which is what I’d realise when throughout my time here is how much cheaper the alcohol is in comparison to Hong Kong. A beer being like £2/3 and a cocktail like £3/4.



The music was a mix of DJ’s and some very questionable cover bands covering artists such as Adele and Justin Bieber.

But after a few drinks we headed back to the Hostel and decided to head to sleep.