After checking into a 3rd and final hostel of the trip, and definitely the best, we had a good night’s sleep and took advantage of the free breakfast.

Then on our last full day in the Philippines we decided to go back to Honda Bay and go to a different island and we decided to go Pandan Island and Splash House.

So we got some tuk-tuks from the hostel to Honda Bay. Then I stocked up on some more sun cream as my feet were very sunburnt and Island Hopping in El Nido.

Then we looked at the available islands to go to and the group decided that Pandan would be best as the price included a free buffet, complimentary welcome drinks and a visit to Splash House.

So we set off on the boat and made our way to Splash House where there was some diving boards and some hammocks to relax on.

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Even I had a few dives off the diving boards and I am the world’s worst swimmer and have a mediocre fear of the ocean.

After around an hour here we headed to Pandan Island.

Once here we collected our free drinks (unfortunately not alcoholic) however we then dumped our bags in our booth by the beach and headed to the buffet which was delicious indeed.

Then we took advantage of all the free beachboards and kayaks in the Filipino sun, and others sat in the booth in the shade drinking their rum and coke and rum and ice tea.


After we got back to Honda Bay we started playing with some local Filipino kids in a DIY recreation of Bowling or Skittles.

Then we got a shuttle back to our hostel where we meet a load of cool Filipino motorcyclists driving by

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So once we got back we all got the sand off our bodies, got changed and headed out for some dinner for our last night in the Philippines.