So today was the day! The event I’d been looking forward to since I arrived.

And the infamous Hong Kong Rugby 7s didn’t disappoint.

So I had my class to go to first but after that I could crack on with the sport and the drinking.

So I met a few people from campus and then we headed across to Causeway Bay on the MTR from Kowloon Tong.

When we got to Causeway Bay, Dom had friends he was waiting for so I decided to get some cans while we waited while Romain and Simon decided to go straight to the ground.

So once Dom’s friends arrived we set off to the stadium and found our seats in the South Stand where there was already a few people specifically a group of Irish lads.

Once we got our beers (in my case a Cider actually) and started watching some 7s rugby.

Then as the day progressively on we all got progressively more drunk then after the All Black’s game Dom disappeared but it took me a while to realise so I thought I’d head off too as I was completely knackered.

Overall great experience but don’t think my wallet and head could of dealt with a whole weekend.