For our last day in El Nido we decided to go Island Hopping on Tour C to be specific.

It was definitely 100% worth it! What an experience and top day it was.

So once again we had breakfast made by the hostel which was again very nice.

But then later in the morning our boat left from pretty much directly opposite our room.

On our boat we were joined by an American 20-30 year old guy and two Canadian grandparents who were in the country visiting their new grandson and decided to make a holiday out of it.

Secret Beach:

The first beach we’d visit would be Secret Beach, as it’s literally what it says on the tin because you have to jump off the boat and swim through a narrow cave to reach it, so unfortunately I couldn’t bring my camera however Aurelie had a Go Pro.

Overall the beach was great but it was a lot of people’s first island I think so it was a bit too busy for my liking.


Star Beach:

The next beach would be where we’d have our inclusive lunch which was ridiculously delicious but on this beach there was a drink seller but all we wanted to do was sunbathe and lie in the beach waters.

However over lunch we did get to know our other 3 boat mates a lot better. Moving back onto the lunch it consisted of some great meat and fish which was definitely the best food I’d had since I arrived in Asia 6 or so weeks ago.

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Matinloc Shrine:

The next island wasn’t a beach but an actual island which had a peviously inhabited house owned by a rich Portuguese man it’s believed.

But the main attraction was climbing the rock to overlook the Palawan waters, but it was also fun exploring the abandoned house.

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Hidden Beach:

This was another beach that you had to jump out the boat and swim to, so unfortunately the only pictures are from the Go Pro however this was no shadow of a doubt my favourite beach I’ve ever been to probably due to the fact it was just our group but other than that lying in the water was so relaxing and refreshing.

I just really didn’t want to leave this place and if I ever come back to El Nido I’ll 100% have to come here.


Helicopter Island:

The last island we’d visit would be just a relaxation island as the sun had probably taken its toll on everyone’s energy throughout the day although we still had time to bury Simona in the sand.

This probably could have been up there with my favourite by it was relatively busy so that probably had a factor.


So once the boat returned we all got washed and changed, checked out of our hostel and headed to get some food before heading back to Puerto Princesa by another long and bumpy coach journey.