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BA (Hons) Radio Production

Audio Features – Double Bass

For my Audio Features module I had to create a 10 minute long audio documentary.

My commissioned topic was how double basses are made. Continue reading “Audio Features – Double Bass”

Music Radio – Crescendo

For my Music Radio module we had to create a music radio station from scratch under the genre of Classical.

Throughout the project I was the producer, so was in charge of running the desk throughout the two hour show, creating the script alongside the presenter and the editor, and also creating a trail for a possible show on the station.

Continue reading “Music Radio – Crescendo”

Multitrack Audio – Youtube Money

For Multitrack Audio I had to create a 3 minute documentary feature edited using Adobe Audition’s Multitrack.

My chosen topic was on the influx on money into Gaming Youtube Continue reading “Multitrack Audio – Youtube Money”

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