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Pandan Island

After checking into a 3rd and final hostel of the trip, and definitely the best, we had a good night’s sleep and took advantage of the free breakfast.

Then on our last full day in the Philippines we decided to go back to Honda Bay and go to a different island and we decided to go Pandan Island and Splash House.

Continue reading “Pandan Island”

Island Hopping

For our last day in El Nido we decided to go Island Hopping on Tour C to be specific.

It was definitely 100% worth it! What an experience and top day it was. Continue reading “Island Hopping”

Our own Private Beach

So once we rented out the motorbikes and after we drove around El Nido for a few hours, we decided to head to a beach.

Thankfully the beach we chose had pretty much no-one else on it, so it felt like our very own Filipino beach Continue reading “Our own Private Beach”

Waking up in Paradise

So after a very long and bumpy coach ride we arrived at our hostel in El Nido at around 2-3am. So once we were all settled in we headed straight to sleep.

When we woke up at 9-10am we realised what a paradise we were now in. Continue reading “Waking up in Paradise”

Night out in Puerto Princesa

So once we were all ready we headed out in Puerto Princesa with the plan on getting some lovely Filipino food for dinner and then possibly heading out to a bar for some drinks.

Which is exactly we we did! Continue reading “Night out in Puerto Princesa”

Heading to the Philippines

It was an early morning wake up to head to my first bit of travelling outside Hong Kong since my arrival.

A group of us would be heading to El Nido & Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan in the Philippines for a few days. Continue reading “Heading to the Philippines”

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