Today was my first junk or (drunk) trip of my time in Hong Kong and it was truly great.

A boat setting it to the far Hong Kong waters and plenty of alcohol, my perfect scenario there

So me and Dom set off for TST supposedly meeting Joe but he wasn’t there and we thought great we’re going on a boat trip without knowing a single person but thankfully Joe eventually turned up.

Then we got on the boat had a few cans while the boat sailed to our destination.

Then Joe and Dom were the first in water but I thought I’d give it a miss as the water looked freezing as well as it pouring down with rain.



But once they were back on the boat we had our inclusive lunch a tasty beef burrito.

Then they decided to do some diving off the top deck.

Then attempt to swim to the beach but on their way back get caught in the rain as well as Joe getting cramp on the way back.

But once they were on their way back we sailed back to TST where drinking was still in full flow, and Dom even got on the Vodka shots (very bad idea).

But overall very enjoyable for my first junk trip.