So on our pretty much full day in Puerto Princesa we decided to head to Honda Bay and go to one of the islands that you can visit by boat surrounding Puerto Princesa.

Our choice was Canvey Island.

Our morning started by leaving and getting some breakfast and got the most non-local thing possible in Dunkin’ Donuts, although their iced pineapple juice was very nice.

But once done we all headed out to Honda Bay in some tuk-tuks.



Once we got to Honda Bay and finished stocking up on Sun Cream we had a look and decided what Island to head to and we decided on Canvey Island, and after waiting for our boat off we set



As soon as we arrived everyone wanted to go straight in the beach water which was so relaxing after about an hour in and out of the water, I headed to the bar to get a drink specifically a Mango Daiquiri (how masculine) and then get a bacon and egg sandwich to eat which was delightful.

We had many drinks throughout the day obviously. While others visited the buffet and have a massage.

While the others had their massage me, Beck, Olek & Austin had a little explore around the island

Once done with our day here around 5pm we headed back to Puerto Princesa to get our stuff before getting the bus to El Nido

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