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January 2016

Out with the Family

I’d somehow been in Hong Kong two weeks now and not met up with my relatives but this Saturday evening it was time to finally do that Continue reading “Out with the Family”

Happy Valley

Last night was my first trip to Happy Valley Racecourse in Causeway Bay. Happy Wednesday’s are very popular amongst westerners and after last night I can see why! Continue reading “Happy Valley”

Cheung Chau Island

One of the local students, Rico, invited a load of exchange students to go visit one of the many islands off Hong Kong that are accessible by boat/ferry in Cheung Chau. Continue reading “Cheung Chau Island”

Tour of Hong Kong

So waking up feeling slightly worse for wear after last night it was time for the final part of our orientation programme, a tour to some of biggest tourist hotspots in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Tour of Hong Kong”

First Night Out in Hong Kong

A group of students from HKBU, local and exchange, had organised to go on our first night out as it was a organised night where lots of different clubs in Hong Kong were open specifically to Students. Continue reading “First Night Out in Hong Kong”

Food, Glorious Food

So today was our 2nd day of the orientation organised by the University and being myself I forgot to set an alarm resulting me missing the morning talks about the Computing Services at the University. Continue reading “Food, Glorious Food”

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