So waking up feeling slightly worse for wear after last night it was time for the final part of our orientation programme, a tour to some of biggest tourist hotspots in Hong Kong.

So we all got on a coach and headed to our first destination just around the corner in Wong Tai Sin, and headed to the temple there, which is the most popular one for tourists to visit in the whole of Hong Kong.


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We then headed to our lunchtime destination would would require taking the harbour tunnel and making our way over to Hong Kong Island to visit the sunny paradise than was Stanley.

Here we’d stay for lunch and soak in the wonderful blazing sun as well as having a little browse through Stanley Market.

However Myself, Mauritz, Brando & Axel however just went to a nearby restaurant and had Fish & Chips (how local) and a few beers.



We then finished the tour at Victoria Peak but my the time we got there it was just really foggy so wasn’t the best for pictures. But as I’d been here so many times previously I just sat in Pacific Coffee and chilled and had conversations with other exchange students I hadn’t spoken to previously like Mika who was from L.A. We ended up getting into a conversation about the music scenes of London and L.A. and the differences and similarities.