A group of students from HKBU, local and exchange, had organised to go on our first night out as it was a organised night where lots of different clubs in Hong Kong were open specifically to Students.

We first headed to Mong Kok to a infamous restaurant amongst westerners called Mr Wongs. The premise of the restaurant is unlimited food, varying from fried rice to chicken curry to sweet and sour fish, and unlimited Kingway, a cheap lager beer in Hong Kong.

But you don’t actually end up getting that drunk here as you’re eating so much so it’s great.

So after stuffing ourselves with greasy food and cheap beer we headed to Central, and specifically Lan Kwai Fong, the “party district” of Hong Kong.

The first club I entered was DEJA VU which was playing Dubstep, and I felt like I was back in Year 8 or 9 of School but we only stayed here for a couple drinks before heading to Levels, this is where everything went tits up.

We all entered the club together then somehow me and Axel ended up losing everyone inside, and then losing each other inside.

So I just ended up going to one of the many 7/11’s in LKF, getting a few beers and chatting to some other exchange students before getting a taxi home in the early hours on Friday morning.