Last night was my first trip to Happy Valley Racecourse in Causeway Bay. Happy Wednesday’s are very popular amongst westerners and after last night I can see why!

We started however at Mr Wongs again because

  1. We needed some dinner
  2. We needed some beer

And well frankly, the 3 go hand in hand.



After finishing as much food and beer we could consume we headed to Causeway Bay on the MTR from Mong Kok to make our way to Happy Valley Racecourse.

Once we got to Causeway Bay we headed to 7 Eleven to get a few journey cans between the MTR station and the Racecourse.

We were surprised how cheap the entry was upon arrival as it was only $10 which equates to just less than a quid.

However it was the beer inside that is expensive, charging $165 for a 4 pint jug which works out about £14 so £3.50 a pint, which I mean isn’t terrible but friends had cans left over from 7 Eleven and it seems staff have no issue with you drinking your own alcohol inside the venue.

We then made it up to the 6th floor which has a great view and you still get in for the $10 entry fee.



This night then got out of hand really quickly, for some reason we all got very, very, very drunk very soon. However before the night would end some of us would actually make some bets, and Beck won placing on a $50 each way bet which was pretty cool considering we had no clue or tips about the horses.

But getting back to the night getting out of hand, me and Jacob somehow ended up on a bus to LKF and get given a bottle of whisky which we somehow drank on the way. Then once at LKF we didn’t go in any bar or club just sat outside 7 Eleven, had a few cans then headed home in a Taxi.

But at least we made it back to HKBU intact, that’s the main thing.