One of the local students, Rico, invited a load of exchange students to go visit one of the many islands off Hong Kong that are accessible by boat/ferry in Cheung Chau.

So we all met outside our halls and set off to Central on the MTR from Kowloon Tong. Then from here proceeded to get the Ferry from the terminal there.

The journey was only around half hour, but there is a shorter and longer ferry which are obviously priced differently.

So first we tried such street food, I had some fish balls accompanied by a freshly made watermelon ice tea then we headed out and wondered around the island.



I ended up finding a shop that stocked craft beer so I was straight in there and got some kind of Canadian pale ale which was pretty damn awesome if I say so.

We then hit up the main attraction of Cheung Chau, The Cheung Po Tsai Cave. It’s so popular with visitors because it was hidden for so many years previous to it’s discovery, and Cheung Po Tsai is a famous character within Hong Kong, he was a pirate and is portrayed as a latter-day Robin Hood.

After this we headed back down to the main part of the island and checked how long it was until our ferry back to Central, so we had around half an hour until we had to meet back so a few of us decided to go McDonalds and have some greasy fast food, and after we hit up 7 Eleven to get a few beers for the journey back.

Once we got back to Central, some of the group headed to the New Year Carnival where there was lots of rides and things like that. However the rest of us were quite tired so we headed back and decided to get some Sushi from Lok Fu and eat it on the top of the South Tower Halls Building.