So today was our 2nd day of the orientation organised by the University and being myself I forgot to set an alarm resulting me missing the morning talks about the Computing Services at the University.

But what I did make in time (just) was the coach to Kowloon City Plaza where all the exchange students were being treated with a Welcome Lunch by the University at the Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant to traditional Dim Sum.

There were around 8 or so students on each table joined by members of staff from all the different faculties around the University as well as all the student ambassadors.

There was a big variety of people on my table you had myself from London, Mauritz from Germany, Axel from France, Adri from America and other students from places such as Morocco.

Then we got the coach back to HKBU, and we had a talk on Student Affairs at the University ranging from accomodation to music to religious.

Then the American students had to have a specific talk just for them. There was optional library tours for myself but I declined to have a quick nap as I was going out tonight.