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Chungking Mansions

This evening was my first visit to the infamous Chungking Mansions, and if you don’t know they are infamous as it’s where the cheapest accommodation in Hong Kong is situated.

But obviously we weren’t here for accommodation we came here for it’s other infamous reason and that is that it’s the best Curry in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Chungking Mansions”

Happy Valley Again

Another Wednesday hit and another visit to Mr Wongs and Happy Valley it was, hopefully this time it would be a lot calmer in comparison to last week’s antics.

Maybe this week we’d focus more on gambling and try and win some money? Continue reading “Happy Valley Again”

7 Eleven Mondays

A tradition amongst the exchange students of HKBU & CityU is to go out drinking at the local pub Billy Boozers on a Monday night. But because it’s still quite expensive a lot of students just drink outside 7 Eleven on these nights. Continue reading “7 Eleven Mondays”

Out with the Family

I’d somehow been in Hong Kong two weeks now and not met up with my relatives but this Saturday evening it was time to finally do that Continue reading “Out with the Family”

Happy Valley

Last night was my first trip to Happy Valley Racecourse in Causeway Bay. Happy Wednesday’s are very popular amongst westerners and after last night I can see why! Continue reading “Happy Valley”

Cheung Chau Island

One of the local students, Rico, invited a load of exchange students to go visit one of the many islands off Hong Kong that are accessible by boat/ferry in Cheung Chau. Continue reading “Cheung Chau Island”

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