This evening was my first visit to the infamous Chungking Mansions, and if you don’t know they are infamous as it’s where the cheapest accommodation in Hong Kong is situated.

But obviously we weren’t here for accommodation we came here for it’s other infamous reason and that is that it’s the best Curry in Hong Kong.

So the group of us that was going from HKBU met outside halls in the evening and made our way to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) where we meeting some others before making our way to the Mansions.

When we arrived we were swarmed with Asian men shouting Rolex, Hash, Watches in my face but we escaped them made it up to the 3rd floor of the building and enter the Taj Mahal Club restaurant.

We haggled the guy down to $80 dollars each (£7) for a massive platter of just about every kind of Indian food as well as beer on top.

We then headed down to Victoria Harbour to admire the beautiful Hong Hong Skyline (Cue Next Blog Post)