Another Wednesday hit and another visit to Mr Wongs and Happy Valley it was, hopefully this time it would be a lot calmer in comparison to last week’s antics.

Maybe this week we’d focus more on gambling and try and win some money?

So in a smaller group this week we headed to Mong Kok for Mr Wongs, which was becoming a regular outing for us now. I believe this was my 3rd or 4th time going already.

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So after we stuffed our bags with free Kingway for the races we headed to Happy Valley on the MTR.

We then arrived just as a race started so we watched that from trackside before heading upstairs like last week.

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So we then placed some bets, which neither came in as I forgot to back each way, and then made our way upstairs.

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So after the final race finished we had a more sensible evening than last week by just heading back and getting the MTR back home to Kowloon Tong