Those who know me know that I go to football every week and being a month or so since I’d be to a live sporting event.

So someone posted in the HKBU Internationals Facebook group about a live rugby match between two big sides I couldn’t turn my head up at it.

So there was 3 of us heading over to Siu Sai Wan Stadium on the far right side of Hong Kong Island (well at least according to the MTR map anyways), myself, Dom (yes, another Dom, but Northern Dom) and Joe.

Once we arrived at Chai Wan MTR station thankfully there was many a sign directing us to the stadium. But first we decided to go 7 Eleven and have a couple of cheap beers before heading in the stadium where it’d obviously be more expensive.

We then headed inside the stadium and walked round and decided where to sit and once we did Dom got the first round of beer from one of the beer stands as we’d thought they’d be a bit less empty once the game started.

A very entertaining game overall for someone who really couldn’t care less about Rugby. Highlight for me was one of the assists for a try which was a delightful reverse pass into free space for an easy try.

Then everyone entered the pitch for selfies galore with all the players and I wasn’t gonna let the Fulham colours not go on show here.

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Once the game finished we headed to Wan Chai for more beer and food and as both Joe and Dom had bought the beer in the ground I got the cop-out round by buying the beers in 7 Eleven.

We then hit up a random Chinese restaurant where I had some delightful Won Ton Noodles, and then we went to The Doghouse Bar where we watched Man City get destroyed by Leicester 3-1.

Then I luckily found a Derby fan and he knew of a bar that would be showing the Fulham v Derby County fixture as for some reason it was on BeInSports over here.

The game finishing 1-1 so neither of us was too happy with that however.