So apart from just having a week off there are some celebrations going on this week in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The main one being the New Year Parade in Tsim Sha Tsui which I would be visiting.

So a big group of us met outside halls and headed on the MTR down to TST and first decided to get some food and what would be our delicacy of choice?

The glamorous restaurant that is McDonalds would be our decision. After some of this greasy fast food we headed 7 Eleven to get some cans to accompany us watching the parade.

So we took our place to watch the parade and being small really hindered by view of the parade here as it was super busy.

So after a while we got bored with the parade as it seemed to be a bit boring after a while, so we made the decision to head back to Halls and play some drinking games specifically Ring of Fire, luckily I didn’t have to do the dirty pint at all.