This week we decided to try out a new “club” which was based in Sheung Wan.

Well let’s just say it’d become our favourite party venue for the next month or two after tonight.

The evening started off with a slight change to the pre-drinks routine. We were in someone’s room however this time I was the DJ as I brought my decks out here hoping to get some work which never came to fruition, and everyone seemed to be enjoying me spinning the decks.


So after finishing our beers we headed off to this “Club”. When we got to Kowloon Tong we bumped into my “bathroom buddy” (basically my next door neighbour who I bathroom with) Nico and he appeared to be heading to the same place too after spending the day in Shenzhen.

We arrived at Sheung Wan and I thought I knew where I was going but my google maps took me to some random office building and just when I went to go to the Facebook page and map it off that my phone died. But luckily Nico had the directions on his phone and directed us straight there and we met some of our friends who had already been there a while.

When we payed our $150 dollar entry fee we walk in to a room of sofas and some 80s disco music playing not sure what to make of it all we went back outside to the others who hadn’t been in yet and said you have to come in.

Also the $150 entry fee may seem steep but it’s open until the morning and you can bring your own drinks inside, and it’s only $100 if you get there before 1am.

But overall it was a top night specifically because it’d be the first night where it’d been music I actually enjoyed.

So we said to each other we’d definitely return again, and that we all would.