The first day of our orientation programme at the University was started by a bright and early 9:30am start (early for me as at Westminster an early lecture is 10am). But they presented us with a welcome breakfast (basic sandwiches & bottled water) where all the new exchange students mingled and did the famous what’s your name? What do you study? Where you from?

But we had we standard introductory talks from the President, Vice-Presidents & the International Office.

Then after this we had our tour around the whole university as there are 3 campuses: Baptist University Road (where my halls is), Shaw Campus (connected to Baptist University Road Campus) & Ho Sin Han Campus (which is the older one disconnected from the other 2). There are two other campuses away from Kowloon Tong in Kwun Tong & Sha Tin.

Then our University Tour Guides took us out for lunch to a local restaurant where I had some very tasty rice noodles with duck and cuttlefish with a ice lemon tea (look at featured image)

But after this quick lunch we made our way to a local shopping centre because some of the non-UK students still hadn’t purchased a travel adapter for all the plug needs so we purchased that and then returned to campus for some more talks.

That was pretty much my day as I was completely knackered probably due to a small bit of jet lag as well.