So I woke this morning full of positive energy to get out and explore Hong Kong and oh wait, I look outside and it’s bucketing it down with rain, it’s like I never left London!


But I then remembered because of the lack of work I did over the Christmas Holidays I had an essay due in 24 hours so I guessed it was time I cracked on with that. So a few hours later it was done “Audio Features: Critical Report” and if you want to listen to the audio feature you can listen to it below


But as that was done I decided to do some essential shopping and errands in Kowloon Tong. Unfortunately for me my Macbook screen broke just before I came out here but I thought there wouldn’t be enough time in England to fix it, so I waited until I came to Hong Kong to get it fixed.

Luckily for me, in Festival Walk there is an Apple Store so I walked in to see if they could fix it there and then which they couldn’t as you had to make an appointment to see someone at their “Genius Bar”. But a very helpful employee showed me exactly how to do so, and I was booked in for the following Sunday afternoon.

I then decided it’d be best for me to get a Hong Kong SIM card so I went dowstairs to Fortress (an electronics store, sort of like Currys, Dixons etc) and bought a 3 4G Sim Card because I was familiar with the company in England, so presumed I couldn’t go wrong with them.

Then I went back upstairs to the Apple Store as I realised I didn’t have the pin thing you need to open the SIM card slot on my iPhone, and I thought while I was there I’d get them to help setup the SIM for me as they’d be more used to the whole process, and thankfully I did as the welcoming texts were all in Chinese characters.

But that was it for me first full day in Hong Kong. Oh well, bring in tomorrow where it’s my first day of the HKBU orientation programme.