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Why don’t I do work before the Deadline?

So I woke this morning full of positive energy to get out and explore Hong Kong and oh wait, I look outside and it’s bucketing it down with rain, it’s like I never left London! Continue reading “Why don’t I do work before the Deadline?”

First Day in Hong Kong (well evening)

So it was just before 5pm local time when I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport so after eventually finding the right passport counter to go through as I was confused what sort of citizen I counted as under this Student Visa I had. Continue reading “First Day in Hong Kong (well evening)”

Off to Hong Kong I go!

So after waking up a little more than hungover after having a great send-off after attending Fulham v Sheffield Wednesday & William Hill Darts semi-finals, I remembered I had done zero packing with a 6 month stay the other side of the world. Continue reading “Off to Hong Kong I go!”

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