So after waking up a little more than hungover after having a great send-off after attending Fulham v Sheffield Wednesday & William Hill Darts semi-finals, I remembered I had done zero packing with a 6 month stay the other side of the world.

So after some glorious lunch made by the madre, I decided with me leaving for the airport in just a few hours in would be best to start packing.

So 45 minutes to an hour later I was done with the packing apart from the good camera which I unfortunately (in the short term) left at home as I couldn’t find it, but everything else was shoved in my suitcase from my DJ decks to my boxers.

So it was off to Heathrow I went in the back of my dad’s Honda Escort listening to some great Hoodie Allen tunes.

So we “eventually” arrived at Terminal 3, so we went straight to check-in my luggage.

After queuing for about half an hour we made it to the front, and guess what? I was over the weight limit, however the nice woman at the Cathay Pacific desk was fine with it and let it go by.

After this it was time to say goodbye to the family (well Mum & Dad) and set off on my 6 month adventure. What would I do first they probably wondered?

Their assumptions would probably be correct as I was straight into “The Bridge Bar” to have an expensive pint of Bremen’s finest beer, Becks in a Airport in Hounslow. What dreams are made of they say.

But after my pint it was time to grab some plane snacks and where else better than WHSmiths, the icon of snack shopping in any transport station in England, and after this my flight to Hong Kong was boarding.

Obviously knowing my luck I was in the last group of rows to be selected to board the plane. But I didn’t know the suprise that was in store for me when I got to my seat?

My seat was the front row of Economy which meant LEG ROOM CENTRAL which was absolutely great, so some sleep was needed, and in 12 hours I’d be in Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps!